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Fixed Price Repair

Fixed Cost Computer Repairs

AIT realise the world of computing can be easily overcomplicated, so we are doing our bit to simplify matters; For a fixed fee of just £94.99 we will repair your computer or laptop regardless of how long it takes. This fixed fee promise is particularly useful if you have a badly infected or corrupt operating system and it requires a factory reset plus data recovery.

The fixed price is for labour only and does not include any parts. Serious software problems can take 3-4 hours to fix which includes lengthy scans using our proprietary software, if a Windows re-installation is required then another 2-3 hours can be added and if there is a large amount of data to backup before the Windows re-install yet another 1-2 hours, so you can see all the hours building up and would usually mount to a hefty bill but you can rest assured that no matter how long we spend on your computer repair or laptop repair and no matter how many parts need replacing, the total labour cost will be £94.99

If your laptop is not suffering from a serious problem and we fix it in 30 minutes you will only be charged £25.