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Laptop Repair

We repair all makes and models of laptops, below you will find some of the more common repairs we carry out everyday, please don't hesitate to call us with your enquiry 03333 440 521.

Broken laptop screen This is one of the most common laptop repairs we do. Laptop screen prices have come down a lot in the past few years and in many cases it is now cost effective to get your screen replaced should it be cracked or have a damaged back light which makes the screen appear very dim. Read more

Broken power connector Due to wear and tear the power connector port on your laptop may have become loose or the pins broken which means you can not charge your laptop; when the battery runs out it can no longer turn on. We will repair this without changing the motherboard - keeping the repair cost down. We also supply power adapters for all makes of laptop.

Faulty or Damaged Keyboard Has your keyboard stopped working or a couple of the keys fallen off? Again very common and easily repairable, please call us for a quick quote.

Laptop Not Booting Does your laptop start to boot and then go into a loop? Or maybe it gets stuck on loading windows? or even if it's not turning on at we can take a look and give you our expert opinion. Sometimes disconnecting the power adapter taking the battery out for 10 seconds and then reconnecting the battery and power adapter can resolve the "not powering up at all problem".

Software Problems laptop very slow, internet not working, will no longer boot up, lots of annoying pop ups or programs not working are just a few of the software related problems we fix everyday.