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No Fix No Fee

In most cases if we can not fix your computer then you will not be charged.

Your computer may need more than one part or it may need a part which has been superseded and hence has become very rare and expensive, if the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the computer or comes close to it then you may not want to go ahead and get it fixed.

If you bring your machine into us for an upgrade and it can't be done then there will be absolutely no charge for the time we spend evaluating your machine.

If your laptop requires dismantling in order to diagnose an issue there will be a charge but we will speak to you prior to doing any chargeable work.

In a small number of cases we do charge for providing a quote or work carried out on a no-fix machine.

The bottom line: Most quotes are free and if you don't go ahead with the work you don't have to pay a penny but there are exceptions and if your machine is one of a small percentage that fall into this category then we will speak to you and give you a fixed price for the quote only and this is payable whether you go ahead with the work or not.