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Common Computer Problems

Slow Computer

Your PC or Laptop takes a very long time to boot up and/or in Windows it responds very slowly to even the simplest of tasks. The internet is particularly slow, you think this might be to do with your broadband not being fast enough? No matter what speed broadband you have it should be quite quick, so if you are experiencing slow internet it is more likely to be a problem with your computer. Make sure you have an Anti-virus/firewall package that it is kept up to date and carry out manual scans every so often to check for Viruses, Trojans, Malware and Spyware. Some infections are particularly bad and now matter how many times you scan and your Anti-virus software tells you it has found and removed the problem, it keeps coming back; this type of infection requires manual removal, this is where a bit of technical know how comes in because manual removal requires the deletion of registry keys and system files and if the wrong item is deleted the machine may become unusable.

Broken Laptop Screen

You may have dropped your laptop or something has hit the screen; laptops by their very nature are vulnerable to damage like this but nowadays it is cost effective to get a new screen and it doesn't take long to fit. We can replace most laptop screens for a total £120 including parts & labour and have the laptop back to you the next day, this screen is brand new and comes with 3 months warranty. Cheaper reconditioned screens are sometimes available, which are an option if your laptop is old and you don't want to spend as much on it.Back to Top

Computer Not Booting Up

If your PC or laptop no longer boots up into Windows, there are many different reasons why this happens, it can mean faulty hardware; the hard-drive might have failed or is on its way out - we can fit a new hard-drive, install Windows and rescue the data from the old hard-drive.

Boot failure can also be a software issue, an important Windows file may have been corrupted due to a virus or even a Windows update - we will swiftly repair this and there will be no loss of data or settings.Back to Top

Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Your Laptop keyboard may have stopped working or one or two keys have fallen off; a new genuine part keyboard with a 1 year warranty costs around £40 and can be fitted for as little as £20 labour.back to top

Pop ups while browsing the internet

If you experience pop ups whilst browsing the internet that are totally unrelated to the website you are on and they tell you your computer is infected then you are almost certainly already infected with a problem but not because the pop told you so, because the pop up is the problem and you should not click on the suggested links in order to scan your computer because this will install even more spyware. Make sure you have an Anti-virus/firewall package that it is kept up to date and carry out manual scans every so often to check for Viruses, Trojans, Malware and Spyware. Please see the slow computer section above for more information on how to deal with bad infections.back to top

Computer Crashes or Freezes

If your computer slowly grinds to a halt then it is more likely to be suffering from the symptoms under the "Slow Computer" heading, if however you are happily working away and all of a sudden the computer freezes, gets stuck and the mouse cursor doesn't move then you may have a driver problem or a hardware problem. The driver is the software that makes the hardware work, it might be that your graphics card driver is causing the crash so it is advisable to check for newer drivers on the manufactures website. Our testing equipment resolves crashing problems by checking the hardware for faults and testing drivers for compatibility.back to top

Blue Screen Errors

Blue screen errors, also known as the blue screen of death (BSD) aren't as common these days but do still occur and are very similar to system crashes in that you could be working away happily when all of a sudden you get a blue screen with an error code on it, advising you that your computer has been shut down to protect it from further damage. Again this can be caused by faulty hardware or software and sometimes happens upon booting into Windows when a faulty driver or system file is loaded. Try and make a note of the error message as it can sometimes give us a clue as to what is causing the issue. back to top

Insufficient Security Software

If your computer is on the internet and/or receiving email then it really needs to be running sufficient security software; At the very least it should have the latest updates from Microsoft, up to date anti-virus software and the built in windows firewall turned on; check this in control panel, security centre, windows firewall.


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