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Computer Repair

AIT will not only repair your computer but also give you advice regarding your PC's well being; for example we may see a machine with a really bad spyware infection, we will not only clean the infection but advise you on how you caught it and what to do to prevent getting infected in the future. Furthermore if we notice anything else that may cause problems further down the line, we will bring this to your attention; for instance your hard-drive may be quite near to capacity, apart from causing slowness this makes the whole system work a lot harder overall thus shortening the life span considerably, so upgrading the hard-drive not only prolongs life but also boosts system performance.

Hardware problems are not as common as software problems, the main components which can go wrong and give varying symptoms from the PC not turning on to error messages in Windows are the Motherboard, Power Supply Unit (PSU), Hard drive, Graphics card, Processor (CPU) and memory. Other parts such as PCI cards can also cause problems and our engineers are fully equipped to test all these components and more.

You can either drop your computer into us or we can come to you and carry out the job at your home or business premises.